Trades in global stock markets

By using tradengine you can experience trading in the most reputable markets of Europe, the U.S and Asia. You can analysis price fluctuations of the global stock market and gain profit by trading. We have provided you the possibility of trading famous companies stock such as Apple, Amazon, and Facebook in a reliable platform, so that you can gain profit by predicting their price fluctuations and also investment in short or long periods of time.

Tradengine makes you able to use momentary and direct data about the major stock brokers in the world so that you can always track your trades in global stock markets.

How to gain profit by trading global stock market indexes?

If you start your activities with a reliable global stock broker , you can make a good profit by using a good plan. A reliable stock broker recommends the best companies in different industries for trading and does not lead its own clients toward trading the stock of invalid companies.

Tradengine offers you the stock of popular companies such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook or Microsoft for trading. This platform allows you to make money by estimating the price fluctuations of these companies.

In binary trades of foreign stock of Tradengine, you estimate the price fluctuations of the stock of a reliable company for a specific period of time. If your predictions turn out to be correct, the system gives you an award based on the sum of clients’ investments.

For example, you estimate an increase in the value of apple company stock in the next one hour and you buy a specific amount of stock. Then you can see in the profit list that if your estimations turn out to be correct, you will earn 80% of the money that you have already invested.

Here is why the global stock market is a good option for binary options trading:

  • Quick trading
  • Long hours of trading
  • High variety of indexes and stock
  • Dependency of fluctuations to the daily news

The tools and educations provided by trade engine will make you able to trade indexes with suitable leverage and gain more profits.

The correct trading educations, accurate analyzing tools and also daily news are some of tradengine services for the clients to get into better trading positions.
However, the traders must keep in mind that high number of price fluctuations and leverages can lead into loss of money, so it is recommended to have a look at the educations and research before starting your trading activities.

Remember : do not invest more than you think you might lose in order not to face serious problems.
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What are indexes?

Stock indexes are in fact stock certificates that exist as a set in a specific market, and the fluctuation of each of stock indexes can affect the whole set. For example, GDAX is the index of the stock of 30 German company in Frankfort. also, the ND100m index includes the stock of top technology companies in the United States. The price of an stock index changes based on the price of all existing stocks in that stock. In the following you can see some of other popular indexes:

  1. 500 S&P
  2. 100 NASDAQ
  3. DAX 30
  4. DJ 30
  5. Russell 2000
  6. FTSE 100
  7. CAC 40
  8. HSI

each of the above indexes includes the stock of reliable companies and in the Tradengine we attempted to offer the stock of reliable companies. In order to get more information about the stock indexes, you can study the resources that are provided in education section of the Tradengine website.

The advantages of trading indexes and buying foreign stock by Tradengine

Stock indexes

providing valid indexes

We tried to provide the prices of the most valid companies in the world for you in order to make the estimation of fluctuations in binary structures easier and also make it easier for you to get information about fluctuations in different time periods, so that you can trade foreign stock with a nominal method.

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Faster validation of clients

Given that you invest in the nominal stock owned by tradengine in the binary options trades, and since the tradengine as a reliable international broker is the real owner of stock, the validating process of selling or buying for clients does not take much time.

global stock markets

Providing accurate momentary value

We always provide the most accurate prices for our clients, since we are connected to two service providers of the global stock market, and our clients can have direct access to prices.

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Holding group trading plans

The coefficient of success is higher in a group investment, since a bigger team gathers the required information and statistics, hence, the chance of predicting price changes in different indexes grows higher. Therefore, we have provided you the possibility of group trading in the platform of tradengine.

We have provided you a wide range of indexes of international valid stock, and made the binary options trades possible for them.

More than 200000 clients have chosen tradengine as their reliable broker, so you should join us now.

Common questions about foreign and international stock market

What is the difference between the international stock market and forex?

The biggest difference between these two is the amount of risk in trades. They have different types of fluctuations and trading methods. For the long term investment , usually the foreign stock market is a better option, but in short term forex is better due to its higher number fluctuations and also the possibility of using binary options trades.

What are the biggest broker companies?

There are several brokers in the world that enable you to buy the stock of different companies. But a reliable broker enables you to buy the stock of big companies such as Apple, Facebook, Amazon, etc, easily.

Is it possible to buy the stock of big companies such as Apple, Facebook or Amazon in Tradengine?

Yes, given the clients’ enthusiasm for this subject, we have provided the possibility of doing binary options trades for the stock of these three companies.