Cryptocurrency trade or crypto CFD

As cryptocurrencies become more popular, people become more willing to trade and exchange them. Cryptocurrency trading has led many traders to turn to CDFs to benefit volatility.

For this reason, Tradengine has made binary trading on popular and valid cryptocurrencies price possible. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin cash are cryptocurrencies that are available for binary trading.

Online cryptocurrency trade in Tradengine

With the introduction of cryptocurrencies, there has been a remarkable change in the financial market. This technology is a viable alternative to traditional currencies , which has made some governments satisfied . However considering the possibility of fast, unauthorized and anonymous payments around the world using cryptocurrencies, it has also raised concerns among some other governments . This has been one of the reasons for cryptocurrencies price volatility.

Cryptocurrencies are a very fast financial exchange method that has become popular and volatile because of the possibility of fast and unrestricted payment. Cryptocurrencies popularity has led to increased value and increased levels of crypto trading in the market.

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Which coins are available for trading in tradengie?

TradEngine offers cryptocurrency trading for users interested in the field to keep pace with new trading systems, so users are able to invest in the price increase or decrease of the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ripple

Investing in popular and main cryptocurrencies in the market gives you more access to the latest news of these CFDs and makes it easier to estimate prices in the coming hours and days.

Why is cryptocurrency trading a good option for binary trading?

Hearing the name of cryptocurrencies, the word bitcoin in the first thing comes in mind, as it is considered to be the first and most popular currency in this field.
The price index of other digital currencies also usually changes according to bitcoin price. Cryptocurrency trading started in 2009 with bitcoin trading . And in 2017 the price reached over $ 20,000 .

This dramatic price increase and its sudden decrease has caused many Bitcoin volatility, leading people trade other cryptocurrencies too. Some people believe that the price of this cryptocurrency will increase while others believe in a dramatic decrease in it’s price or even the disappearance of it.
These different ideas cause the market price volatility which provide the perfect platform for binary options trading.

Also, given the dependence of the price of cryptocurrencies on the government officials statements , they can largely be estimated by following the news and the media. This is an essential principle for smart traders to achieve succeed.
However, it is suggested to read the tradEngine Strategies section before entering the Cryptocurrency market and sign up for demo account first.

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What are the benefits of cryptocurrency trading in Tradengine?
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Exact expression of price changes

We have tried to reflect the price of the most prestigious providers of crypto currency services. It can help you to estimate the fluctuation of currencies in the structure of the transaction easier and And it's also easier for you to be aware of their changes over time and to make short-term investments in crypto currencies.

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The highest rate of profit

Since you are investing in binary options trading in digital currency fluctuation, the Tradengine has attempted to provide you with the highest profit on the correct price estimation of cryptocurrencies.

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various cryptocurrencies

Variation in popular cryptocurrencies in Tradengine makes it possible to predict your trades in different digital currencies. It is possible to collect the news and analysis to predict the price of several currencies.

cryptocurrency trading

Group trading plans

In a group investment, the success factor is higher, since a larger team collects statistics and makes it easier to predict changes and prices in each index. Therefore, the possibility of group trading is also provided on Tradengine platform


What is the difference between a binary option crypto trading and a real investment and trading in a cryptocurrencies exchange?

In buying and selling digital currencies, your profits are tangible in high amounts and a low percentage is available over a longer period. But in crypto binary option, you can raise capital by up to 80% in less than 24 hours. But trading risk in this way is more than buying and selling.

Which crypto currency are available for investment?

crypto Currency Trading is available on more than 20 currency types, which you can find them in the cryptocurrency Prices section.

What is the minimum timeframe for investing in this sector?

You can invest in 1 minute timeframes, but the risk of price prediction in the short period is higher than long period.

Is it possible to orientate prices on multiple digital currencies at the same time?

Yes you can invest up to 10 currency units at a time, But their timeframe cannot be less than 1 minute.

Is Bitcoin accepted for binary trading in the Tradengine?

Yes in the Tradengine you can also deposit bitcoin.