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Here are the answers of the most frequently customers asked questions.

for more information you can contact to support team.

  • general questions
      • What is TradEngine and where is it established?

        TradEngine is a binary option trading platform that makes binary option trading possible for users and it is established in Cyprus.

      • How do I contact supporting team?

        You can call the supporting team, chat online or send ticket 7 days a week from 8:00 to 2:00 GMT+2/GMT+3 during Daylight Saving time.

      • How can I make money with TradEngine?

        You can Estimates increase or decrease in price in the interval and increase your balance in amount of set profit.

      • How can I create an account in TradEngine?

        You can create an account by clicking on register option on the website. To activate your account you will need to have an email address and phone number.

      • What is trading platform?

        It is a combinational of hardware and software that allows users to trade different currencies which is available in form of user interface on this website.

      • Do I need to have any special software or hardware to start?

        No. you are able to start trading by having an account on the website using your personal computer, laptop or smart phone easily.

      • What time zone is displayed on the platform?

        volatility, prices and the time that is shown on the platform corresponds to the user time according to user time zone when creating account.

      • How can I start trading?

        On TradEngine website there is a training section including educational videos for beginners that you are able to use.

      • What is demo account?

        Demo account is a testing account for beginners which allows them to trade without paying. all the payments and benefits are virtual in demo account.

      • What is timeline?

        Timeline is the period of time for displaying the currency price change for trading. It shows the price changes in set periods at any moment.

  • account verifications
      • Do I need to be verified?

        For initial register and trades less than $100, if there is no suspicious activity detected, verification is not necessary however for investing and withdrawing more than $100 you will have to verify your account.

      • What documents do I need to verify my account?

        To verify your account you will need email or mobile verification code and account’s owner ID card. Driving licenses, passports or id cards with photo are accepted.

      • Where should I send the verification documents?

        You can send the documents in account verification portal. To enter account verification portal click here.

      • How long does the verification take?

        After 24 to 48 hours your documents will be checked and verified in case of accuracy.

      • How can I find out the result of document verification?

        In account profile section you can see verified option in case your documents are approved. However the result will be emailed to you as well.

      • What is the maximum amount of trade in verified account?

        You are able to deposit or withdraw up to $10000 in the verified account.

  • financial questions
      • How do I calculate my profit?

        Your profit from a trade can be up to 100% of the invested amount. Your profit directly depends on the return percentage. Higher return rate can lead to higher profit.
        The return rate depends on several factors:
        - The market environment(volatility, liquidity)
        - Balance with the company
        The automatic risk algorithm determines the number of opened buy and sell trades for each asset. The number of sellers and buyers is usually balanced. If one side is overweighted the company cuts the profitability for the out of balance asset to cover the costs. But in any case the profit from successful trade is paid to clients in full.

      • What is the minimum deposit amount?

        The minimum deposit amount is $10.

      • What are the investment methods?

        In TradEngine you can make deposits using 6 different methods including credit cards, skrill, webmoney, perfectmoney, paypax and crypto.

      • How do I withdraw funds?

        You are able to withdraw your funds using 6 different methods including bank account, Skrill, webmoney, perfectmoney, paypax and crypto.

      • How much is the TradEngine commission for users trading?

        Commission rate of users constant income is $15 per month in fixed deposits. trading deposits would not have to pay for commissions.

      • What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

        The minimum withdrawal amount is $10 using any withdrawal methods.

      • How long it takes to deposit or withdraw funds?

        Deposits are done immediately. However you should wait 24 hour after your last trade to withdraw profits in order to make sure of the user account accuracy.